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What is this Distro of LiveZope?

At the beginning, author wanted to solve the problem for the PHP training course but without a Linux-based computer room. Then remaster a Knoppix Linux with Zope and some PHP-related product, such as PHParser and xSQL-DA. In the experimental period, The scalability of Python seems to be a more powerful tool and enviroment to me. Then I try to rebuild this distro for hetrogeneous web-application system support both for PHP and Python.

What does this distro contain?

Without no doubt, Knoppix is a wonderful full-featured Linux distro. The reason is:
  1. Some softwares added then some others have to be removed. For less damage to library dependency and system, only /opt/openoffice, /usr/games and no more needed Python-2.1 lib tree, /usr/local/lib/python2.1, are removed.
  2. Easy for user to remaster his system. The additional packages are under the path /usr/local/ expect python2.2 lib tree is /usr/lib/python2.2.

In the alpha stage, I add the following softwares:
  1. CAS (Computer Algebra system): Central with the TeXmacs, octave, R, maxima, graphviz, pari, gnuplot, qcl, rlab, M2 are added. Not only be a text editor, but also TeXmacs can be GUI interface of CAS's. If you do not need these CAS's, just delete the files in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/libexec,
  2. Zope: Of course, this is the another central role of this distro. With the same idea of independency of software, I build the resources in /usr/lib/pthon2.2 ( python-2.2.3)and /Zope-version. You can just copy these files into your system and fire them up if you use red-hat9 (tested) and 2.4.21 kernel. The products include: CMF, plone, External file, Epoz, PHParser (php binary in the directory /usr/local/bin), MySQL-python, MySQLDA, psycogyDA ZEO etc, the exact contents see /Zope-2.6.2b5/lib/python/Products.
  3. other tools: blender (3D graphic package), VPython, biopython, DVD+RW/DVD-RW tools, dvdrecord and growisofs.

Usage, examples and doc's

  1. For CAS users:
  2. Just type "texmacs" in shell and try the interface menu. A demo file is in /KNOPPIX/demos/TeXmacs/
  3. For Zope and PHP users: One advantage of Knoppix is that putting data in RAM disk such that users can modify data! Although I had install data of MySQL and PostgreSQL in /var/lib/mysql and /var/lib/pgsql (in RAM disk) but the original databases should be not changes since they are link to the /KNOPPIX/var/lib/mysql and /KNOPPIX/var/lib/pgsql. But you can remove the link directories and copy them into the RAM disk as (in [KNOPPIX]->[Root Shell]):
  4.       > rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
          > cp -rp /KNOPPIX/var/lib/mysql /var/lib
          > mysqlf_safe &
          > rm -rf /var/lib/pgsql
          > cp -rp /KNOPPIX/var/lib/pgsql /var/lib
          > su - postgres
          > /usr/local/pgsql/bin/postmaster -D /var/lib/pgsql &
          > exit
          > /KNOPPIX/Zope-2.6.2b5/start &

    In the last step of firing ZSERVER up, the Server name will be changed according to the exact net Card configuration. If no configuration, then you can use konqueror or Morzilla open the site and look the FrontPage of Zope with the following input:
    and enter the management interface with the following
  5. A script shell, startup, in /KNOPPIX/Zope-2.6.2b5-src is given such that do the same work in b), i.e. startup MySQL, PostgreSQL and Zope in batch.
  6. The superuser and its password of Zope are admin/demo in default.
  7. ZODB contains MySQL example in "phpsql" object and PostgreSQL example in OIO object.
Another important feature is that the import directory is link to /tmp/import (RAM disk) and gadfly is link to /tmp/gadfly. That means that users can import/export objects from Zserver as ther like. For PHP users, I insert a demo dir object, phpsql. Maybe you do not satisfy the content of Zope resources, you may append your data onto CDROM by growisofs:
       growisofs -M /dev/scd0 - R -J /path-to-your-files
then they will be appended at the dir /cdrom/path-to-your-files. Hope this short intro may help.

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